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I am a graduate student at Caldwell University for a Master's in Mental Health Counseling pursuing an LPC track.

Richard Maya

Nice to meet you guys. A little bit about me is I am a graduate student at Caldwell University for a Master's in Mental Health Counseling pursuing an LPC track.

I'm interested in the Individualistic approach to Counseling because people have the capacity to produce the changes they want to see in their lives with the things they do have control over. Committing to goals & practicing self-control are the pillars for people to be successful in their mental health journey. 

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My Story

My interest in mental health arose from my afflictions with my health when I was younger. When you're young & limited in your resources to care for yourself, you tend to take what you can get with whatever help is available. 

Because of my limited resources at that time in my life, I couldn't get the same level of care from healthcare providers. This was disheartening & unfortunate, not being able to live life normally like everyone else in my school made it seem like my life was over before it even started. 

The most supportive access to care I had received was the available information presented online. Ironically, the internet has been notorious for contributing to people's mental health struggles. On the other hand, when high-quality information about a person's health is presented online, it is an opportunity to digest what is shared & apply it inward. 

A lot of what I learned from my online self-help journey was related to men's health, inflammation, nutrition, anxiety, & depression. When I was in a disenfranchised state of being, the internet with its plethora of credible available information, I felt like I had control over my life.

The internet can be a great tool to propel people to achieve goals or it can be used to one's self-sabotage. I wanted to create something that was going to be a net benefit to people & a mental health blog was something I can do within my time constraints. Having a community of both readers & writers helps develop an already growing awareness & basic knowledge of mental health. 

Join our journey! Be a reader to be enlightened, or be a writer to enlighten. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Phone Number Available Upon Request.

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